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You would have seen in the 2012 London Olympics, the large number of athletes using Kinesiology Taping to help them manage pre-existing injuries and enhances sport performance. Unlike the normal rigid strapping tape that restricts joint movement to provide stability, Kinesiology Tape stretches with the body to:

  • Improve circulation – decreases swelling, bruising and  provides a quicker removal of the body toxin lactic acid.
  • Provide injury prevention and management – specific taping methods can support muscles to reduce the risk of injury while providing biofeedback to the body’s neurological system.

The effects of Kinesiology tape on severe haematoma.











Kinesiology Tape works by gently lifting the skin, creating a gap between the skin and the tissues below and its results are most notable in swelling and bruising applications. (see pictures below)

In our practice we use the brands; “RockTape” and “Kinesio Tape”.

Ask one of our physiotherapists how Kinesiology Tape can assist in your injury management and sport performance today.

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